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Finedge Consulting champions Warsaw's Software Agencies

I am a seasoned expert at Finedge Consulting, a boutique consulting firm specializing in the nuanced world of FinTech software development and Agile delivery. Over the years, I've had the privilege to collaborate with a myriad of software development teams, delivering tangible value that not only exceeded client expectations but also significantly benefited the businesses I represented.

My depth of experience in this sector has equipped me with a unique perspective, allowing me to bridge the gap between technical excellence and business objectives seamlessly. At Finedge Consulting, I continue to channel this expertise to empower our clients, helping them navigate the complexities of the FinTech software delivery with confidence and precision.

Being connected with the tech ecosystem in Warsaw, I have honed a specific focus on assisting software development agencies based in this vibrant capital. Through tailored strategies and deep-rooted local insights, I've supported Warsaw-based agencies in scaling, optimizing operations, and delivering unparalleled value.

Case Study

Finture is a dedicated software development agency, specializing in cutting-edge FinTech solutions. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Finture has always aimed to be at the forefront of the rapidly evolving financial tech sector.
In collaboration with us, Finture not only achieved agility in their software development but also realized tangible, impactful results that bolstered their position in the FinTech sector.

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In a world where agile development has proven to be the cornerstone of rapid, effective software development, Finture recognized the need to transition from traditional methodologies to stay competitive and meet the dynamic demands of the FinTech industry.


Finture's development teams were rooted in the waterfall approach. This not only meant slow time-to-market but also resulted in lower throughput. These challenges posed significant barriers as Finture aimed to deliver state-of-the-art FinTech solutions efficiently.


Our engagement began with a profound understanding of Finture's operations, objectives, and the specific challenges they faced due to their waterfall approach. Educational sessions were held to introduce agile methodologies, tailored specifically for Finture's team dynamics and the unique demands of FinTech. A pilot project was initiated to put this newfound knowledge into practice.


The pilot's results were remarkable. By adopting agile practices, Finture managed to reduce the delivery time for their client's Interbank Position Monitoring Application by a staggering 8 months from the baseline. This efficiency translated into substantial financial savings, amounting to 2.2M PLN. Even after scaling down the development team by 40%, the velocity drop was a mere 20%. This was a testament to the enhanced efficiency and improved workflows introduced by the agile approach.

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Navigating the FinTech landscape requires agility and expertise. With our tailored agile consulting services, software development agencies can seamlessly boost their operational efficiency, unlocking substantial savings. Discover how much you stand to save by utilizing our innovative approaches – adjust the slider below to see the potential financial impact on your operations.

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Our Approach

This process is meticulously designed to ensure that every step is purposeful, every decision is data-driven, and every action is aligned with your overarching business goals.


Our journey begins with a deep dive into your current operations, challenges, and goals. This holistic understanding forms the foundation of our tailored strategy and ensures that we address the unique nuances of your business.


Knowledge is power. Once we have a clear understanding, we embark on a phase of education. This involves imparting best practices, agile methodologies, and innovative solutions tailored for your team. Our goal is to ensure that your team is equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive.

Execute the Pilot

Implementation starts on a smaller scale with a pilot project. This allows us to test our strategies, refine our approach, and ensure that the proposed solutions align perfectly with your objectives and operational realities.


After the pilot, we pause to analyze the results. This phase is crucial as it allows us to measure the effectiveness of our approach, gather feedback, and make any necessary adjustments. Continuous improvement is at the heart of what we do.

Execute the Wide Rollout

With insights from the pilot in hand and refinements made, we move to a broad-scale rollout. This is where we implement our strategies across the board, ensuring that the entire organization benefits from the agility and efficiency improvements we've collaboratively designed.

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